COZURE is a fashion and lifestyle brand that practices principled curation and delivers joy.

Our Founder took the words Cozy + Couture and imagined COZURE as a brand that curated and designed for artful selectors like herself.


Artful selectors are globally conscious consumers that value themselves, their time, and crave things as original as they are. They covet clothes that look good, feel good, and radiate their natural confidence and style.


Principled curation is the art of selecting refined textiles, garments and accessories that embody a spirit of surpassing or uncommon beauty, expression, and uniqueness. As a brand, COZURE’s pieces are curated for how you live. Woven into our refined fabrics, there is a story in every piece. We are here to share that story, and to remove doubt about quality, fit, and responsibility. This puts hand-picked, covetable pieces that allow for personal expression, versatility, and sumptuous feel into your wardrobe--and your heart. Your wardrobe should work for you

OUR Values

  • Uniqueness. We believe that normal is unnecessary, because you deserve clothing as unique as you are.

  • Refined Fabrics. You aren’t synthetic and your clothes shouldn’t be either. We strive to source natural materials and be environmentally conscious.

  • Education. Our aim is to educate you on each piece so you understand fit, how the piece was created and how it can flow through your day.

  • Gratitude. We are grateful for every purchase and strive to incorporate your feedback and requests into all that we do.