Copa Airlines: A Review

Copa Airlines: A Review

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Discount Travel to Costa Rica from Boston Logan

Pura Vida - the pure life as they say in Costa Rica has left a lasting impression since my first trip in 2011. I have never enjoyed a vacation quite as much as my time in Costa Rica and have been yearning to go back ever since that first jaunt.  

As usual, my conundrum is how to travel to such a lovely place without breaking the bank and arriving with luggage intact. Enter Copa Airlines with its hub in Panama City that serves Costa Rica and surrounding islands as well. Having children means being tied to school vacation schedules and the uptick in airfare that accompanies it. So when looking for flights during February break, I winced knowing many families were going to seek refuge from Boston’s bitter cold by flying south.  After a quick search on Google Flights, we found Copa offering tickets starting at $300 a person. 

Our flights were affordable - even during a busy travel time!

Our flights were affordable - even during a busy travel time!

Purchasing flight tickets on Copa’s website was straight forward. To stay within our budget we chose a flight that had a layover in Panama. $299 per ticket including taxes was a great deal and made the layover completely tolerable! Checking into the flight online was easy and could be completed 24 hours prior to our departure. We arrived at Logan Airport already web-checked in, enabling us to use the short queue for baggage drop off.  

A real treat about Copa is inclusion of checked in baggage for each passenger in addition to a carry on. Having a checked bag made it worry free to pack things that go over the 3 oz fluid security restriction or are a little bulky like sunscreen and snorkels. 

Boarding the the flight was timely. It was useful to have seats assigned during the web-check in process.  Once on board, we found that legroom was ample and attendants were upbeat. The flight took off and landed on time with no hiccups. We were pleasantly surprised to be served a hot meal as well as coffee and drink service.  After passing immigration, our luggage was already on the baggage carousel completely intact. Score!

We were extremely satisfied with the airlines and service for the cost of the flight. We highly recommend Copa Air and sincerely look forward to flying with them again! 


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