Mm.LaFleur Review

Mm.LaFleur Review

I love reviewing new and upcoming fashion brands. Mm.LaFleur hit the scene with its concept of a “Bento Box” of work ready clothes that you could try on at home and return what you didn’t like.  I was drawn to the idea and decided to visit a pop-up store when it was in town.

The pop-up store had a variety of items for trying on. Prior to starting my appointment, I had to fill out a simple questionnaire to describe my taste and what I was looking for. When I arrived the stylist had a sampling ready for me and the space was clean and inviting.

I really appreciated the idea of this service and like the aesthetic.  However, since I prefer natural fibers for my clothing my selection here was limited.

The Review

Look for other reviews like this one on the Cozure YouTube Channel. 

Review Roundup
Color and Style:
True to Online Photos but Fit is Body Specific (naturally!)
Cost: Reasonable
Customer Service: Fast Shipping and Friendly Stylists
Packaging: Well designed with practical garment bag as a bonus
Downsides: Natural fiber garments are limited
Would I purchase again?: Maybe if their selection of cotton, silk and modal garments increases

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