Our Founder, Tan Gopal

Tan Gopal, founder of Cozure

Happiness is personal

Hi, I’m Tan and coffee makes me happy. But happiness is personal. How one person takes their coffee is different from the next. During my years of balancing business trips and family life, I wasn’t happy with my shopping experiences. When faced with buying clothes, I had the choice of buying something dull, generic or too revealing. Something wasn’t right.

I believe that Powerful Women should Always Feel Stunning

I craved the kind of clothing that subtly makes a statement, while feeling decadent against your skin. The type of clothing that forces someone to pause when they brush past you and becomes woven in your memories.

And so, I created COZURE.



Have you ever bought something and thought “where has this been all my life?” That feeling is specifically planned for in each stunning piece from COZURE. I personally test everything for fit and flexibility, soft feel, and that radiant confidence empowering clothing projects.

Because whether you’re dashing across town or across the country, you deserve to feel like your stunning self.

Tan Gopal, Cozure founder
Tan Gopal, Austin, TX

About Tan, a Short Recap :

After years of dashing from business trips to school pickups, Tan craved the kind of clothing that moved and breathed, yet still looked timeless and elegant. With a BS from Cornell and an Engineering PhD from UC San Diego, Tan has spent her career in executive leadership roles, serving in government as Chief Information Officer and as IT Director at MIT Sloan.

Always valued for her cross-industry thinking and inspirational management skills, she was also known for her elegant style and colorful wardrobe. With COZURE, Tan is returning to her first love, fashion—with practicability for the real world. She lives in Austin, TX and occasionally Boston with her 2 girls and husband.