Is cashmere warm?

Is cashmere warm?

cashmere is expensive and soft... but is it warm?

When temperatures get chilly, it’s everyday luxuries that comfort us: a hot cup of coffee, a warm fireplace, and the cozy feel of cashmere.  

But are you left wondering if cashmere is warm? Or will it leave you a hot sweaty mess?  Cashmere has the ability to keep you comfortably warm without causing you to overheat. ❤️

FUN FACT:  Cashmere is 3 to 7 eight times warmer than sheep's wool.

Cashmere as a yarn is softer and warmer than wool while weighing less.  It’s one of the reasons cashmere feels so comforting and decadent.  The natural qualities of cashmere helps regulate your body temperature.  So cashmere keeps you comfortably warm, but not hot.  It is also very breathable and layer able.    

What does that mean for you?  Perfect warm coziness that is great for everyday wear. 

FUN FACT: Cashmere comes from the undercoat of goats.  

Cashmere goats produce an under-fleece that yields soft fibers which are sorted, combed and then processed into yarn.  The time intensive process elevates the price of the yarn and has made it a historically sought after thread.

Cashmere is softer and also a little more delicate.  Merino wool is stronger and more sturdy.  Cashmere is great for everyday wear.  

Is it worth it in the end?  That would be a definite yes. Cashmere just feels like fluffy butter.  And when you start wearing high quality fabrics like cashmere, silk and cotton. You can’t go back to acrylics, polyester and other itchy unhealthy materials. Cashmere that is taken care of will last years and always be that ideal piece to grab from your closet when the temperatures dip.


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